The Science of Presence

Your body language can help you enhance your presence

Do you know that more than 90% of your communication is non-verbal? In any social situation if you want to be memorable, your communication skills play a crucial role.

 Program Description

Learn powerful non-verbal skills to make your body language work for you in business and social situations. Increase your social influence, charisma and build trust based relationships in the workplace and beyond.

Who is it For?

Tailored for Managers and Leaders


  • Confidence
    • Learn how to draw upon your internal power in your daily life.
    • Stop doing things which hit your confidence.
  • Trust
    • We work with people that we trust! Purposefully and authentically use your body to come across as trustworthy.
  • Presence
    • In addition to preparing “what to say” learn “how to say it” to have meaningful conversations.
    • Build a powerful first impression through authentic body language tools in meetings, social media profiles and phone conversations.
  • Make this a habit
    • Learn how to implement the skills in your daily life.
    • What to observe in yourself after a week/month/on an ongoing basis.

Program Description

Upskill to Fulfill – We can achieve our highest potential when we continuously strive to upskill ourselves. We could be great at something. But there is always scope for finding our inner awesome and becoming excellent.

Learn how our brain learns and why our body is our biggest tool for our success!

Our hands tell our story! They are magical. Build trust, enhance our charisma, and engage your listener – all by using the power of our hands.

A simple but very powerful technique to increase our presence and charisma in client interactions. We will also learn how to show non-verbal respect to various stakeholders.

Stop doing things that affect our confidence and how to manage our emotions during challenging business situations such as before an important meeting.

How do we use our body to derive internal power, self-assured confidence and communicate assertively?

Tools used

Quiz, public life examples, stories, games, video recording, real time exercises and workbook

Format & Delivery

This is a 90 minutes session delivered through an in-person workshop.


“Hey Khyati! This training was impeccable and helped me to  figure out the effectiveness in real time.Our team had a great time with a great and enthusiastic Trainer like you and they demanded for the same again.Usually Trainings are module specific but this was lively and I feel rejuvenated .Feel awesome to be the part of it.” Sheena Kapoor, Panasonic

“I want to thank you for your vivacious training. It is one of the greatest trainings that I have ever attended. I shared the benefits of pre-power posing with many friends. In fact one of my family members was nervous about his 12th board exams so I taught him some body language skills from your training. He called me and said “It works!”. I feel great. I also went to Roorkee for a family visit. One of my cousins has stage fright. I taught some skills to him also. I would love to attend more such training sessions.” Chandni Nidhi, Panasonic

“The workshop on Body Language conducted by Khyati was extremely engaging and fruitful for our audience. People were appreciative of all the  simple yet effective learnings they could take back with them. We took a quantitative feedback from the participants after the session On a scale of 4, the participants have rated this session as 3.67. The participants appreciated your clarity of thought and practical examples. They felt that they got to learn something new. Looking forward to connect with you on future assignments.’ Riddhi Shah, Human Resources, Aditya Birla Textiles

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