The Session was very interactive and a useful one, indeed the employees enjoyed every aspect of the session. Yes of course it help my collogues understand the effects of stress in life and how to overcome the same and lead a healthy happy life. In fact, the simple realization that you’re in control of your life is the foundation of stress management which was very beautifully conveyed.

Maria Pretty, Dupont, Hyderabad

I want to thank you for your vivacious training. It is one of the greatest trainings that I have ever attended. I shared the benefits of pre-power posing with many friends. In fact one of my family members was nervous about his 12th board exams so I taught him some body language skills from your training. He called me and said “It works!”. I feel great. I also went to Roorkee for a family visit. One of my cousins has stage fright. I taught some skills to him also. I would love to attend more such training sessions.

Chandni Nidhi, Panasonic, Gurgaon

The way the Program was conducted gave a lot of confidence to employees and created a positive culture. Employees felt cared by the company and it led to a positive HR culture. I would recommend SANTULAN and have been doing so for the past few years.

Barsha Chakraborty, G-Cube, Noida

You understood our problem well and always came back with a prompt and structured response. We benefitted the most from the group sessions conducted at our premises. It was very critical for dealing with the situation at hand at that point of time. I would highly recommend Santulan for their customised services rather than one size fits all solutions for EAP. I would advise businesses to share their issues in detail to be able to benefit from such offerings. Partnerships work both ways. Expecting EAP to be a magical tool for retention, engagement et al is where a lot of business managers fail. Start with expectation setting, educate your managers about difference between counselling and advise and you will clearly see the benefits of a support system such as Santulan.

Upasna Kapoor, Deloitte, Hyderabad

The structure of the session was very good I personally liked the way you guys took our employees through various aspect of pregnancy from conceiving till returning back to work and making them feel comfortable. The session gave them a heads up on things they have to be prepared with a new change coming in. Our employees enthusiastically attended the modules and shared great feedback as they found it very useful. The sessions helped them experience the beautiful journey of motherhood and it also helped them on what to expect at each stage of pregnancy.

Bhavya Renuka Prasad, Accenture, Bangalore

Initially when the program was announced for 2 hours, the team was of the thought that what it has got to do for 2 hours. At the end of the session, team never knew how the time passed. It was such an interesting session in which all the employees got deeply involved. The session was very informative, thought provoking & short & crisp. More particularly, you were able to grab the attention of the audience, keeping them to stay focused to the program. Most favorite part of the training, according to me, was the facial exercises that were taught . You made all of us to do it on the spot. I still practice those exercises and feel fresh.

Gayathri Alladi, DuPont, Chennai

Khyati was a lead trainer for the roll out of EAP at our Organisation. Very confident and energetic young professional who can articulate ideas and connect well with the participants. Throughout training she managed to capture the attention of the participants with various engagement activities. Her training session helped us to roll out the new initiative successfully. She has all the required attributes of a great trainer with perfect blend of knowledge, skills and right attitude. Her presence will fortify the team / organisation.

Showri Reddy, DGM – Human Resources, Apollo Hospitals

We have been associated with Santulan for the past several years on behalf of our clients and we have been extremely satisfied with the results. Given the sensitivity of the services they provide and the relative lack of awareness of what such programs can do, they do a wonderful job in providing those services efficiently and with a constant focus on aiming to exceed expectations. There is a clear partnership approach they take in their work, which makes them in my view, an ideal long term partner for any client to consider when evaluating EAP and related services. Our key business focus is on designing and implementing the best health and benefit programs for our clients and we believe EAP programs that address emotional health will continue to gain in prominence. I believe clients using Santulan would achieve the best outcomes by consulting and working in partnership with them and articulating the results they hope to achieve in advance. I am happy to recommend them for the services they provide.

Ashley Dsilva, Aon Global Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. , Mumbai

My most favourite part about working with SANTULAN is its team’s punctuality- Before time for seminars and workshops. They have a sence of customer orientation- attitude of cooperation on the client needs which may extend beyond the paper formalities. Programs are customised to cater to the target audience, very experienced, rightly qualified consultants who are able to relate to the audience and their needs. If anyone else is considering SANTULAN my advice would be to go ahead and experience the wellness journey with Santulan for precisely two reasons: Presence across India and 24*7 services. Please keep up the good work.

Gunjan Agarwal, Ford, Sanand

The workshop on Body Language conducted by Khyati was extremely engaging and fruitful for our audience. People were appreciative of all the  simple yet effective learnings they could take back with them. We took a quantitative feedback from the participants after the session On a scale of 4, the participants have rated this session as 3.67. The participants appreciated your clarity of thought and practical examples. They felt that they got to learn something new. Looking forward to connect with you on future assignments.

Riddhi Shah, ABG-Textiles, Mumbai

Your quick response in meeting our requirements by providing us the best counsellors is highly appreciated. The wellness programmes benefitted our employees to a great extent and they gave us very positive feedback. Also the group activities conducted were very appreciated. I would certainly vouch for the innovative  approach of SANTULAN and the quality of the counsellors is par excellence. I would highly recommend SANTULAN to anyone who needs employee assistance.

Tejashree Kumar, Jet Airways, Mumbai