Santulan was founded in 1986 by our Director and Chief Mentor Dr. Ashwani Kumar in New Delhi, India. We are a team of psychiatrists, psychologists, behavioural researchers and ~100 Partner Counselors.

¯ˀWe will show you how your behaviour, emotions and body can elevate your career and business. If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the questions below, you’re in the right place. “How can I influence people?” “Is there a structured method of building relationships?” “How do I manage everyday stress better”?

Our Area of Study

We work in three areas

1. Mental Health: We have our Psychiatric Nursing Home in New Delhi where our Director and Psychiatrist Dr. Ashwani Kumar is available for outpatient consultations and short term admissions.

2. Employee Assistance Program: We offer behavioural solutions to corporations through our 24×7 telephonic, online, on-site and face to face counselling program across the country and globally. The program also offers support for critical incidents.

3. Behavioural Tools: We research everyday behaviours and create actionable, gamified outcomes for individuals and corporations which are available in the form of online courses, live workshops and video webinars

Our Approach

We have a three-pronged approach of Science: Everything that we do is rooted in our original research or backed by credible scientific studies. Play: But we don’t want to nerd out on you so we make it fun. We gamify behavioural health science so that you can enjoy learning it. Action: Even fun and games have a purpose. Our goal is to make it all actionable. Everything that you learn with us is actionable – right away.

Privacy Policy

We understand how important it is that we store your data securely and that we tell you how we will use your data in a transparent and clear way. Our aim is to make sure that the personal details you provide to us are secure and processed as explained in this privacy policy. If you have any questions about this policy, contact us at email id: [email protected] This privacy policy sets out how we collect, ue and store any personal information we may have about you. It applies to any personal data we collect, as well as data provided to us by third parties. When sharing personal data with , you can be sure that....Read More