Employee Assistance Program

24×7 emotional health counseling support.

As an organization how do you support your employees when they go through personal issues, stress and workplace conflicts?

What resources do you use to help them?

How do you tell them that you care for their well-being?

These are important questions to answer because your employees’ behavioral health predicts their productivity at work and engagement with your organization.

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is THE proven scientific solution for organizations.

EAP provides access to free and confidential professional counselling services for employees and their immediate family members. Our counselors help individuals identify and resolve any emotional and behavioral concerns that may affect job performance and other areas of life.

  • 24x7x365 days availability
  • Immediate support for trauma
  • Counseling support in all major regional languages
  • Actionable reports for the organization


The way the Program was conducted gave a lot of confidence to employees and created a positive culture. Employees felt cared by the company and it led to a positive HR culture.   I would recommend SANTULAN and have been doing so for the past few years to any company which is seeking to implement EAP. Barsha Chakraborty, Head of Human Resources, G-Cube

You understood our problem well and always came back with a prompt and structured response. We benefitted the most from the group sessions conducted at our premises. It was very critical for dealing with the situation at hand at that point of time. I would highly recommend Santulan for their customised services rather than one size fits all solutions for EAP. I would advise businesses to share their issues in detail to be able to benefit from such offerings. Partnerships work both ways. Expecting EAP to be a magical tool for retention, engagement et al is where a lot of business managers fail. 
Start with expectation setting, educate your managers about difference between counselling and advise and you will clearly see the benefits of a support system such as Santulan. Upasna Kapoor, Assistant Manager, Total Rewards, Deloitte

Your quick response in meeting our requirements by providing us the best counsellors is highly appreciated. The wellness programmes benefitted our employees to a great extent and they gave us  very positive feedback. Also the group activities conducted were very appreciated. I would certainly vouch for the innovative approach of SANTULAN and the quality of the counsellors is par excellence.  I would highly recommend  SANTULAN to anyone who needs employee assistance. Tejashree Kumar, Human Resources, Jet Airways

We have been associated with Santulan for the past several years on behalf of our clients and we have been extremely satisfied with the results. Given the sensitivity of the services they provide and the relative lack of awareness of what such programs can do, they do a wonderful job in providing those services efficiently  and with a  constant focus on aiming to exceed expectations. There is a clear partnership approach they take in their work, which makes them in my view, an ideal long term partner for any client to consider when evaluating EAP and related services. Our key business focus  is on designing and implementing the best health and benefit programs for our clients and we believe EAP programs that address emotional health will continue to gain in prominence. I believe clients using Santulan  would achieve the best outcomes by consulting and working  in partnership with them and articulating the results they hope to achieve in advance. I am happy to recommend them for the services they provide. Ashley Dsilva, Senior Vice President, Aon Global Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd.

My most favourite part about working with SANTULAN is its team’s punctuality- Before time for seminars and workshops. They have a sence of customer orientation- attitude of cooperation on the client needs which may extend beyond the paper formalities. Programs are customised to cater to the target audience, very experienced, rightly qualified consultants who are able to relate to the audience and their needs. If anyone else is considering SANTULAN my advice would be to go ahead and experience the wellness journey with Santulan for precisely two reasons: a) Presence across India b) 24*7 services
Please keep up the good work. Gunjan Agarwal, Human Resources, Ford Motor Company

Santulan has been an amazing partner in the organization’s EAP journey. A sizeable portion of our workforce benefited immensely from their EAP services and hence they were a trusted partner of the internal program team , right from the start. Santulan’s team imbibes the values of stewardship completely. Whether it was program communication, session design or delivery, the employees were completely engaged and this was indeed very important for driving an effective program internally. I would specifically like to call out that the program sessions were oversubscribed because of the great content that was delivered and hence the utilization of the program saw a healthy spike as well. More importantly the well being segments were a great milestone since programs like ‘What to expect, when you are expecting’ saw multiple repeat sessions and were in demand all through the year.

I would recommend Santulan any day for their sheer energy, in depth knowledge and subject matter expertise. Theirs was perhaps one of the best teams that I have worked with in the space of Employee Health and Wellbeing. In a virtual set up it is difficult to keep the audience engaged over an audio only connect. But here too Santulan’s team stood out in the manner in which they could influence the employees and drive home critical messages with respect to staying healthy.

I wish the team all the very best for the future endeavors as well.  Prerrna P.Kapoor, Human Resources, Accenture

We started our engaged with Santulan in 2015. With Santulan, our commitment to the EAP has been further strengthened. We are particularly happy that employees feel secured approaching Santulan and it shows in our utilisation figure. We have utilised some of their wellness programs and found the content and the delivery to address our specific needs. 
Santulan engages with us actively to understand and complement them by ways that offer practical and sustainable solutions. We find Santulan to be highly professional, and always ready to assimilate the feedback provided to them. Akhilesh Lakhotia, Human Resources, Bechtel

Our organisation had taken an initiative of tying up with Santulan.In India people are not open to share their personal problem with professional counsellors. It is pertinent to mention here that post the kick off meetings with Dr Ashwini Kumar employees had confidence to share their worries with the experienced & qualified counselors.
Our aim to tie up with Santulan had shown the results that we didn’t even expect! Our Employees Opinion surveys showed distinct shoot up in Employee Engagement.
What we appreciated most about Santulan was their professionalism & I strongly recommend to partner with Santulan to see a happier & engaged workforce. Priyanka Goel, Human Resources, Lloyd’s Register