On-Site Intervention

Counseling support at your office premises.

Provide a support system at the employee’s door step so that he or she can get any concern resolved and feel supported and cared for.

  • Our counselor will be available on-site at your premises for a fixed number of hours on a pre-decided date and time.
  • It can be done once or on a monthly or bi-monthly cycle.
  • An awareness communication will be sent out prior to the on-site event to help employees keep their time free for visiting the counselor.
  • At the scheduled date and time, an employee can visit the counselor and discuss his/her concern.
  • After the counseling session, the employee fills in a feedback form and discusses his/her follow-up plan with the counselor.

How Does On-Site One-on-One Support Help?

  • The employee does not have to travel anywhere. All logistical barriers to seeking help are overcome.
  • If you have an existing EAP, it gets a face and boosts the utilization of EAP.
  • When a counselor is available on-site a very strong culture of openness is created, where the organization encourages employees to seek support and create a culture of wellness.

On-Site Requirements

  • A comfortable and private room
  • Water
  • Paper
  • Pens
  • Register for making appointments or use Santulan’s online appointment management system via doodle.

On-Site Process

1.An awareness communication is sent to employees that a counselor will be available on-site with all the necessary details.

2.An online link is shared with the employees to make their appointments with the counselor in advance or walk-ins can be encouraged. If the counselor is on-site for a lay off activity then only walk-ins are encouraged.

3.We can do theme specific counseling, for example, parenting, personal growth, building motivation or managing anger or we can have no theme and invite general counseling clients.

4.We can also do on-site counseling for special events like retrenchment or any other major announcement in the organization.

Situations Where On-Site Counseling is Helpful

  • When you have to ask some employees to leave the organization involuntarily.
  • If you are making any major announcement in the organization which might have an impact on employees.
  • On a regular basis – once/twice a month as a structured program.

Feedback and Impact

  • After each counseling session the user is encouraged to fill the feedback form and drop in a box. All the feedback forms are analysed to measure the impact of the on-site intervention.
  • An Insight Report is shared with the HR team on the usage and feedback. (employee confidentiality is maintained).

To know more, please write to [email protected]