So you’re in the middle of a heavy duty team meeting and at this one difficult question your boss asks; you start feeling anxious and like how.

At this time, you can’t step out to take a break or do your usual deep breathing exercises. But help is here!

Try these three techniques that you can practice anywhere to mitigate your anxiety – it doesn’t solve your problem but helps you sail through; for that one hour!

Bring your attention to your toes

For a moment, look at your toes, have you tensed them? Consciously relax them and slowly you’ll notice your other muscles have started relaxing as well.

Belly Breathing

Gently touch your belly (don’t worry, no one else will notice) and start breathing. Make sure your belly comes out when you breathe in and goes in when you breathe out.

Straighten Up

When you’re slouching you unknowingly put yourself in a low power pose, which releases cortisol or the stress hormone in your body. Next time, when anxiety takes over, straighten your posture, take up more space with your body and soon there’ll be a rush of testosterone coursing through your body making you feel more in control of your situation.

Try these techniques anywhere anytime. They’re simple, yet effective and most importantly no one will come to know!


To learn more about anxiety watch this interview where our researcher Khyati interviews our in-house Psychological Counselor Shagun Suri.